John Person The Secrets Course

Complete with 1 DVD and 150-page Workbook for only $389 plus S&H (International customer may receive a separate invoice for custom charges independent of our S&H cost)

A one hundred and fifty page workbook plus 1 - DVD that will help you learn the best method to profit on your short term investments. This could be one of the best short term methods and one of the best approaches for trading Today's Markets. Examples and graphics are illustrated using equities and the futures market.

This trading course will teach specific candle patterns that have a high degree of repetitive occurrences, reliability that will help you setup and effectively trigger trades. This course spots Ten reversal candle patterns, an exact formula when to enter trades and how and where to place your stops.

This incredible trading course "Advanced Candle Charting combined with Pivot Point Analysis" is one of the best trading methods money can buy. There is no doubt it will enlighten and energize your trading! You will learn which candle pattern brings immediate results; learn the Pivot Point method and how to implement a moving average system that will help you narrow the playing field to select the next day, week or months: High, Low or both!

Table of Contents
Section One - Applying the winning principles.   
Section Two - Trading Futures as a preferred short term Investment vehicle.
Section Three - Introduction to Candlestick Charting, the foundation of charting.
Section Four - The DOJI and setups that should bring immediate results.
Section Five - Ten top Reversal patterns to identify: morning & evening Star, Piercing pattern,
Dark cloud, engulfing, abandon baby, windows, High wave, Harami & Harami
Doji cross’s Rising & Falling threes. Methods Shooting Stars.
Section Six - Understanding the condition of the market. Identify the Benchmark Candle and
how to properly use that Candlestick to anticipate trades.
Section Seven - Leading and Lagging Indicators, Stochastics oscillator.
Section Eight - CCI a zero based Indicator.
Section Nine - Moving Average Studies including MACD.
Section Ten - Pivot Points, the five calculation components, learn how to use them to verify
Significant Support & Resistance levels.
Section Eleven - Predicting Support and Resistance the best “Right Side of the chart
Section Twelve - Option Strategies to give you a leading edge in the markets. Trade like a
Professional hedger to help reduce your risk exposure in the markets.
Section Answers - Glossary

By John L. Person