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John, It has been a while since you heard from me. I'm the guy from Houston... I have finally become profitable on a consistent basis, thanks to your moving average indicators... Thanks C.H. 10/27/06
2/6/06-Hi John, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say hi and let you know that I have been experiencing great trading successes with Butch's assistance in the chatroom! I have only been trading futures since I got back from your seminar in Vegas [which was great by the way]; I had purchased your course about 6 weeks prior to the seminar which gave me a great grounding.
Prior to trading futures, I was trading forex with very little success and I plan on taking the next university course with you and Butch as I strive to become more professional in my trading.
Trading your methodology, coupled with Butch's professionalism and patience is truly making my own trading less stressful and more enjoyable. Butch mentioned your guys are planning a reunion in Vegas later on in the year. I plan on attending and bringing my wife and son to hang out while
we trade!! Looking forward to it and here's to a successful and profitable year!! Best Regards,
G. B (London, UK)

2/6/06-John: My name is J.M. My first contact with you was on January 2nd of this year based on a recommendation from K. G., who attended your Las Vegas seminar this past December. First, I couldn't believe that you would respond to me so quickly. I purchased your audio CD and Book course. I read it over and listen to the CD's enough before I decided to take you up on your free one week chat room offer. Didn't want to feel overwhelmed before learning your trading concepts.

The chat room is unreal. It's a difficult thing for me to trade all by myself during the day. I love talking to others. Now, not only do I to get to interact with others like myself who want to strive for trading excellence, but I am being taught how to
trade THE RIGHT WAY, by Butch. I feel so relaxed in learning from him each day. I have been only trading e-minis with real money for six months. (Yeah, like a dope I started trading in the summer time, which is a difficult time to do so). But, I wasn't confident and really fearful of making losing trades, or just as worse, limit the amount my profits in fear of losing it all by staying in a trade more than I should.

I have followed along in the chat room making trades using real money At first I used just one emini to trade with. Its better than just paper trading this way. Now I am using 2 emini's. Just to get into a pattern of making profits I would normally exit the trade entirely with 2 points as a goal. I couldn't do that previously on my own. This past Tuesday (FOMC DAY) I let the trade go and I made 4.25 points! That was such a euphoric experience! Butch is teaching me NOT to worry about the money aspect. It's about the points accumulation that counts also. Today, I learn to be patient. Going long at 1267.00, I got in the trade a little higher than Butch on that one. I was down about 3 points, with a stop place about 3/4 pts below that. Now if I was trading alone, I would have bailed, cause I just hating losing. But, today just being patient and following what you teach in the course and Butch explains so nicely in class, I just hung in there with everyone else. The trade reversed, and I made a solid 2 points!!! This concept alone of being patient will truly help me become a successful trader. Next week I will work on using 3 emini's. I will follow along the rest of the class as we scale out each leg at a time. I realize this is how you really rack up the points as you stretch out the trade. I am so excited ! I have made eight trades so far being in the class room, and been successful 7 times! John, sorry for the length of my e-mail. I just want you to know how much being able to learn from you and Butch means to me. Can't wait to meet you and Phyliss in New York City at the Traders Expo in 2 weeks. Have an awesome weekend! J. M.

Dear John, I recently purchased your course after reading your book and looking at your website. I was really impressed with both. There is so much rubbish out there. It's really nice to find something that is easy to use and that works. I've used pivots for awhile but never really understood them, but now have a much better idea of how to use them...- A.J.
John, I attended the talk you gave at the Ft. Lauderdale library in June. It got me interested in looking at candlesticks. Recently, I bought your book "A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics." It is excellent. I like the many examples and your method of showing what you would have done, and why, and then showing what actually happened. I previously thought that pivot point analysis applied only to day trades, but I am a swing trader. Bill

John, Thanks for your help the other day. Yesterday, I entered the GBP and EUR in the Am at a Pivot live HCD and made a total of 145 PIPs..I really look forward to learning so much more in Houston...in 3 weeks.. D.K.

John, thanks for your follow up interest. I did attend the Dallas session, bought your book also the trading manual and dvd and have been in the chat room for four weeks. My starting margin account equity was $1,200.00; as of today after 20 days of trading the equity balance is $7,292. I hope to keep a good incremental rate of increase as you principals have made all the difference. I feel fortunate to have received your teachings....they WORK!!! J.S. See you in Vegas

John and Mary; Butch and Phyllis , First off I wanted to make sure I thank all of you for changing the way I trade and giving me an unbelievable opportunity!

John, when you said your strategies and techniques, if applied correctly would be life changing, I believed you! I could literally see the power and the potential of what you were teaching and that you, Butch, Phyllis and Mary were true professionals who wanted to show traders how to be successful.

I have always lived my life as someone who wants to be around people and have friends that are "the best of the best"...and you people are the "best of the best"!!

As you know, after Las Vegas I decided to expand my horizon and to dedicate my energy and time to learning how to trade in the futures market by hanging out in the chat room with John and Butch...and I have never looked back!

I would like to share what I have done with my account in the last 3 and a half weeks since I joined the chat room, not to brag, but to demonstrate that I am an avid and dedicated student of yours who will always follow the trading rules and guidelines you have set forth. And to keep you apprised of one of your students successes.

I started with a $15,000 account and as of yesterdays close, my account now has a balance of $66,420 ( before commissions and option purchases)!!!!! I know that may seem like small peanuts, but to me it is truly AMAZING after only 3 and a half weeks in your chat room and never even having traded in futures before. Truly amazing to me!!

I cannot thank all of you enough!! Please enjoy my success as your success...and please know my smile is spread from coast to coast!! Thank you John!! Thank you Butch!! With deep gratitude to everyone who has helped me, K. S. K.

John, Just a note to let you know that I got into the cable yesterday and would have been stopped out several times, but based on all my newfound knowledge stayed into it and just took 50 pips on half my position and still running on the other half. I have moved my stop up close based on my calculated Daily R2 today of 1.8361 (we are very close). I am sending you a copy of my excel daily calculation sheet. Taking my O-H-L-C numbers off my Interbank weekly, so may be a pip off official numbers! Working on the weekly and monthly sheets!! Thanks for all your help! I am telling everyone that they better get your book, course and go to see you whenever they get the opportunity. I am going over the course once a week until I have every point ingrained. Thanks again and tell Mary we appreciate all her hard work in keeping things running smoothly. C G. - Dallas Class

"Well done is better than well said" ~ Benjamin Franklin So here goes... John, last December when I called you and spoke to you about ordering your home study course, little did I know how greatly your trading techniques and strategies would change the course of my own trading. I applied what I learned to trading in the FX Spot market and did quite well. Every time I called you or emailed you with a question, you were always professional and you were always so giving of your time and expertise. You even told me at one point to consider trading in the futures market. What me? Trade in futures?? Well, after attending your recent 2 day seminar in Las Vegas, that's exactly what I did! Talk about success! John you are truly a professional trader and an amazing teacher! Your Bottom Line newsletter is my roadmap for the week (I read it every Sunday evening before I go to sleep!) and your Daily Market Analysis provides me with my daily trading plan. The coaching that is provided by Butch in the chat room is second to none! He helps us stay the course, the John Person course, and keeps our focus and attention on the appropriate setups and triggers. Your home study course, your seminars, your Bottom Line Newsletter along with the traders in the chat room are a sure method to unrivaled success! There is no way that I can see that any trader who takes advantage of what you offer can fail! K.S.C.

Good Morning John: I caught that same move on the Russell @13:40 HCD.......however I got out on the first lower closing low just ahead of the benchmark of the day. It was also a LCD. I still have plenty to learn. Made a bit, but missed the big one as there was no retrace near the 50% level !Thanks for your help & interest. CM

Mr. Person. I would like to thank you for your work, i have been following you since 4 months ago. My name is JCG, i am a forex trader from Colombia and i've been following the market for the past year. During my experience i´ve noticed that most of your analysis is very accurate. I´m intrigued to know in which kind of studies do you base your analysis on, and who can i obtain the same resistances, supports and pivot points. If you could pleased be so kind answer this question of mine whenever you have the time, i would be most thankful. Once again congratulations on your work. Sincerely. JCG
Hi John, Great workshop in Dallas. I cannot wait to implement your strategies. I am hoping to send you a great email about that in the near future. S.H.
Hi John, We enjoyed meeting you and your wife in person. The seminar in Las Vegas was great. It also helped clearing up some confusion about the set ups. Because of your way of teaching and your news letter, our vision has broaden from just the S&P. Thanks for that creativity. T-K
Hi John, Wow!!!! What a seminar that was. Beyond what any of us could have expected. I really enjoyed being with you and Mary. You are all truly good, honest people and very down to earth...there is nothing pretentious or self-serving in your makeup and believe me that is hard to find in this business....as I am sure you are well aware.
I have been around the block a few times as you know looking for a trading methodology that I can hang my hat on and not jump from one technique to another and always trying something touted to be the holy grail. Now, finally I have a concrete approach that can be used simply and methodically on any chart.....and for that I thank you.
Especially, it was so nice to sit with you after the seminar and listen to those stories and experiences.....wonder how many guys after lecturing intensely for two days would do that? Not but a very few I am sure. So again a big THANKS and don't ever change from your dedication to help all of us become better and more successful. J."O"
HI John, Great seminar in Dallas--the best I have been to and I've been to alot! I have been trading stocks and some forex for awhile and I am thinking about trying the electronic futures. --rest up and go play some golf. C.P.
Hi John, just got back from Dallas and did a trade today on the USD/JPY with a close below a doji low on 15 min and got 30 pips. How cool is that. I loved the class. I think what makes it so good is your enthusiasm. K.V.

John & Mary, Thanks for a great seminar last week in Dallas! D, G, and I gleaned much information from it. I have already made 16 points this morning on my first trade using the hammer signal. THANKS! J C

Thanks Guys, I just received my course yesterday, and pocketed 22 pips on my first trade (GBP/USD) using John's methodology. I want to thank John for sharing his techniques with me. Regards --A B Dubai

Thanks for the Free report on the Eruo in your daily commentary. I Read it sunday night Put in a Order to sort the Eruo at 1.2885 with a take profit order at 1.2830 on your daily commentary I was filled and it hit my target for 55 pips what a day. Thanks E

Hi John: First of all, I would like to thank you again for doing this chat room. For me this has been a tremendous opportunity to learn and see your methods applied in a real time environment. Butch has been doing a wonderful job of drilling us on the practical applications and then you come in with your overall market wisdom and together it makes the best learning opportunity possible. I am very grateful to have this chance to participate in this room. I have always believed that an integration of all of the different indicators is the right approach and that is what led me to your methods. C.

Hi John, Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for the great seminar in Las Vegas. Todays trade in the ES was a classic setup off the support pivot in your daily update. There was a nice bullish divergence on the 15 minute chart with a high close doji on the 5 minute for entry. An easy 5 point run. Also, grabbed 30 pips in the AUDUSD last night on a low close doji 60 minute. Thanks again, M T -Bam Bam II

Hey John, Thanks so much for your great recommendations. Made money with the ES options and bought at 3.75/contract. Now took some off the table as your recommended. Any hints on how to buy at lowest possible price and which strike and expiration? Thanks again for your help, S
I just recently ordered John's course-- Trading Triggers-- and received the material in a very timely manner, I have gone through it twice and today was able to make my first trade based on the course. Paid for the course
three fold. Just thought I would say thank you for sharing your experience with people like myself. I have taken only two courses but have read many books, yours is the best. Very well written and easy to understand. Sincerely M. (5/5/05)

Dear John, Back in March when you recommended the puts on Crude Oil I could absolutely see the move and I went in with no qualms. Without your updates, encouragement and humorous though, I'd have bailed long before now. You gave me the backbone to hang in.

Every so often I see some of the other people from my original commodities and options class. Of the ones who have begun trading, they all say the same thing. They have taken some pretty serious losses. Even worse is that most of my previous classmates haven't even tried to trade. Not that I am exceptional in any way, but by following your method, I have only taken minor inconsequential losses. One trade was a breakeven. I am profiting on the majority of my trades. Gratefully yours, J.

To say that I am pleased with the knowledge I gained from John's seminar would be an understatement. I have incorporated John's trading techniques and recommendations into my long and short term trading strategies. I have increased my account size from $5,000 to over $35,000 during the last two months and still growing. And now trading full time, that says it all. A very satisfied user of the system! M. H. Dallas, Texas

Hey John, Thanks so much for your great recommendations. Made money with the ES options and bought at 3.75/contract. Now took some off the table as your recommended. Any hints on how to buy at lowest possible price and which strike and expiration? Thanks again for your help, St.

ohn, I learned a lot at the Miami conference and am applying it today with confidence. Market Direction is a valuable insight. I also feel comfortable with Fibonacci techniques now. You are a great teacher. I have been and continue to follow the advice in the Bottom Line recommendations. I am smiling all the way to the bank. Thank you, J.W.

Hello Mr. John, I have just finished your book "A complete guide to Technical Trading Tactics" It is The great book. It has lot of to the point information in very simple to understand language. Thank you for taking time to share your life experience in trading with us. R.M.C.
Hi John, I wanted to say thank you for a great seminar yesterday!! .. I appreciated you spending the extra time with us.. I just noticed that you will be doing one in Las Vegas.. I am hoping to go... Thanks again, J.S.
The workshop was Super! I feel like I lucked out having such a close-knit group and more exposure to John's instruction. John's masterful instruction has really fine-tuned my trading engine. He helped provide the missing-link in my evolution to the professional level of trading. I due look forward to the next time. Oh, and many thanks for the free-trial gift! C.P., Ph.D. 
Good day John, Was at your lil seminar in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. It was extremely useful. Just bought your book and trading triggers course recently as well and they are worth every dollar. Wish I had bought them earlier! It has revolutionized my trading! Excellent work! Thank you! M. (Vancouver, BC)

Hi John: First of all, I would like to thank you again for doing this chat room. For me this has been a tremendous opportunity to learn and see your methods applied in a real time environment. I am very grateful to have this chance to participate in this room. I have always believed that an integration of all of the different indicators is the right approach and that is what led me to your methods.... C.M.

I just wanted to thank you for the teaching session on FxStreet this morning (2/3/05)M.J.

In an article you wrote back in 2003. No problem. Using your entry methods, caught the JPY move last night for 100 pips and 50 more on the GBP retracement to 0.618. So I'm ready for the weekend. Enjoy yours and thanks for a GREAT book! T. C., Miami

John!! I got your CD. This works fine. (Excellent Course) MANY Thanks!!!D.
I just returned from my 4x made easy user group and did a brief talk on the value of pivot points and STRONGLY suggested to many to buy your book if they want to learn about technical analysis and also to purchase your course. I think they are both awesome! K.V
I just finished reading your book. Fantastic, thank you very much. L.W.
Hi John, Just a quick note to thank you once again for the best trading seminars I have EVER been to! The material was great and now I finally know what the "market direction" number means =0) I can't wait to finish integrating your stuff into my trading - I'm sure the profits will be huge! Have a GREAT day! J.S.
Hello John, I just wanted to thank you for the presentation u gave at the Miami seminar this past weekend, it was very informative. I did not get a chance to talk with you at the seminar but will look forward to meeting u at some point in the future. I also purchased your course and your book and I thought both of them were excellent. I look forward to reading your newsletters and implementing your trading system. B.D.
John, Thanks for opening my eyes! My goal is to make 1 Million Dollars trading commodities this year. Sincerely, T.M.R

Hi John, .. Now I know I certainly don't know all the rules and nuances that you teach and am open for lots of criticism, but it was the very best trading day I can ever remember. And it was because of those doggone dojis and those daily S/R lines only that I was successful. My chart was simple so it was easy to follow.....just as you say.....no extra indicators to screw with. ... I know you like to know how your students are doing so I felt it important to keep you aware of what your method means to me.... Looking forward to Dallas and learning so much more. Thanks J.

John, Thank you very much for taking the time to be on the American Advisor. I, as well as my listeners, very much enjoyed your conversation and market perspective. I look forward to having you on again in the future. Sincerely, Joe Battaglia.

Mr. Person, I am the 34 year old "youngster" who attended your Tampa seminar this past Saturday. I am finding my way as a neophyte trader, having just begun to trade in 2003, and am trying gain as much knowledge on technical analysis as I can while I gain experience trading. Your keep it simple & less is more approach focusing on pivot points with candlestick triggers makes more sense than anything I have come across to date. The fact that you emphasized that trading is more about understanding market psychology and the importance of money management validated that I would like to learn more from you. Therefore, I plan to purchase your book and trading manual to build on the education you provided at the seminar. Thanks again, M.J.

I really enjoyed the class- Thanks for making candlesticks easy to understand - and thanks for a clear and concise explanation about pivot points. J.M.

John! Just want to say thanks for the course I purchased from your site. What a great value for the knowledge you shared. I am one of those guys that has spent a lot (in the thousands) for course and always did not come away with much, really got taken for a ride. I really appreciate you sharing such a wealth of knowledge for such a small amount. Thanks. AD Canada

Hello John, Like I commented on the phone, I thought your workshop was second to none at the Las Vegas Online Trading Expo. I attend several speakers presentations and thought your workshop was cutting edge stuff. Thanks. Phil
Dear John, I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar and I want to thank you personally for clearing up some trading cobwebs for me. You are a great teacher and your technique made the seminar a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I hope to attend another gig of yours in the not-too-distant future. Thanks again, F. S. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dear John, I attended you seminar in Las Vegas on the 21st of Nov. Learned a lot. Thanks. I'm slowly finding bits and pieces of trading which make sense to me and fit my character. Can't tell you how helpful your seminar was to my overall understanding of how to loow at a trade. I'm particularly interested in learning more about pivot point analysis. Again, thanks for your training information, your humor and trading wisdom D.R.

Thanks and look forward to the seminar in Miami. E. H. 1-3-05
John, I have been watching the S & P keeping in mind one of your trading
strategies I read about recently in your manual. The one I am speaking of is the doji with the next bar closing higher or lower than the close of the doji on the previous bar. In this case, on the 5-min. chart, the market was approaching the 1225.75 (R-2) area and the doji closed 1219.75. The next bar closed lower than the doji, and from there the market went downhill...needless to say it was a great trade. I believe you use this strategy in a trending market, but I have seen it work time and time again on reversals as well, especially if the close of the next bar is lower than the previous doji. I am now using Pivot Points to great advantage, and no longer overtrading. Thanks for sharing your insights in the ACTIVE TRADER article! N.M.

Dear John, It was a great seminar in Miami. A masterpiece of trading techniques and methodology. I have been in as many as ten of trading related seminars and I can say without any hesitation that yours is the best I've ever attended. Not only because there is real substance and great knowledge in it, but also because of your teaching style: energized and fun to follow. Your trading techniques are simple to understand and to apply, the way a money-making trading technique should be. Thanks for sharing your great knowledge with us. S.S.

I am particularly pleased with the exit techniques as this has been my weakest point up to now. Many thanks and best seasonal wishes to all at Nationalfutures. RD. London, UK

I have been through both the workbook and the course 3 times so far, and have also traded successfully using one of the formulas. I have read about technical analysis quite extensively but i must say that the presentation from John gives clarity and better understanding not only to the patterns but how to trade them.