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It was once said that "It is a noble cause to help your fellow man achieve a better way of life" through my newsletter and my work I hope to accomplish that. Here are some of the testimonials I have received:

11/21/11 - John, I’m a TOS client who uses your PPS Indicator with Forex Trading. Over the last 180 trading days using the PPS I have a 74% win rate. I just wanted to thank you for this indicator. Sincerly, Greg J.
3/24/11 - Hey John, I hope Mary and you have arrived safely in France and are having a wonderful time!
Just wanted to drop you a quick thank you. . . Again. Took the Wheat / Corn spread for the 3rd time. This was the best yet, in at 28 Cents on Wednesday, out at 48 on Thursday. Three trades, $1,800 in profits. Looking to get back in again when it drops back down in the value area, as many times as possible until taking a more long-term position when the seasonal bottom is in around the end of May. (visiting the ATM as you put it).
Thanks for opening my eyes again to another money making opportunity. You have said in your recording how Corn is not as sexy as E-minis. Who cares when it puts $ in the bank!! This type of trading is far less stressful than day-trading e-minis in my opinion. Cheers, John

1/20/11-I have been doing great with your system. this is making my retirement plans pan out extremely well. your system is fantastic. thank you so much. Loren M.

Dear Mr. Person : This is not the first time writing to you expressing gratitude. It was light in FOREX trading that i have seen after reading your book FOREX Conquered. Your words are now carved iny my brain, and i remeber them before every trade. Today March 1, 2010 i collected 329 pips out of possible 395 pips shorting the sterling pound. Thanks to your words on confluence points.
I really wish i was still in the US and i can attend one of your course, but i am a long shot away.
i just wanted to say thank you, and hopefully one i will get to attend on the courses.
Sincerely, Toufic M., MBA

11/3/09- Thank you John!  I really cannot overstate how valuable your work will be to me, and I am very grateful to see this great work provided in TOS.  Since your original presentation, I back tested against many, many stocks I am trading and it really is very predictive as you already know but I am just discovering in my areas of interest.  I know you emphasized that you should wait for the confirmation the following trading period, and I agree; however, I noticed that if you are “in the direction of the trend” there were few to no exceptions to successful outcomes by trading on the first signal (upward blue arrow in TOS) if overall trend was in the same direction and could help you capture that first move.  I also notice that if trend is positive and see downward arrow, you can avoid excessive trading by doing as you said – wait for the next confirmation.   I am very grateful for this work you have done and you are making a difference for small investors like me!  Mike

10/28/09 - Hi John, I wanted to let you know that I announced in the room today that with the trade we took this morning I officially paid for my investment in TTU.    I started right after the July 4th Holiday.    This was one of my first major goals I had set for myself and wanted to share it with you. Travis P.

My name is Kris and I attended the presentation that John gave to the trading group that I was part of last saturday (Oct. 10).
I would like to say thank you to John for how much he has helped me and my father become better traders. Listening to him and
learning about his system has actually helped us understand more of what we are doing.

I must have read and studied everything that was put in front of me on the subject of trading. From the Fundamentals to Advanced Technical Analysis, I was always reading something. Even the courses and instructors that I was a part of kept me confused about what I was really doing.

His presentation on the subject of trading and listening to his stories about his past in the business (and trading with his son) gave us more confidence and a real world view on everything. He took a world of trading insanity and simplified it. We are trading smarter and better because of him. I cannot thank him enough.If you could pass this on to him it would mean a lot to us. Thank you!
Kris & Kevin J.

9/1/09 - Thanks for seminar today and today's free trial to the trading room. I followed the signals and profited 1100 dollars in 3 hours. Now I can go to work and make 20 percent of that over the next 11 hours. Ross D.
8/16/09 - Dear John, I ' ve been a subscriber of yours since September 2008. I became a TTU student in Nov 2008. Suffice to say , YOU ARE AMAZING , MY TRADING HAS IMPROVED 1000% , along with MY OUTLOOK AND ATTITUDE, AND MY P&L!!!!  I spent many years , and way too much money with JERKS.  I don't trade everything you do , but I LEARN SOMETHING from everything you do or say.  I hope to meet you , John Jr. &  Mary , someday soon. I've spoken with your son several times on the phone ,he was very helpful and courteous . You must be very proud of him.  Thank YOU , for all of your HARDWORK &  DEDICATION. Sincerely, Lisa F.
7/15/09 - Hi John, I would like to thank you for your last trade on the oil that U mentioned last week. The call option that you suggest to buy (USO) worked just perfect. Have a great trading week. Best Regards, Ben B.
5/10/09-John, Just wanted to drop you a line...letting you know that because of you and Butch University. I have changed my trading life and have pocketed $ 104,397.00 in 2 trading months. I thank you and so does my family! Regards, Mike H.

2/7/09 -John, I started in the room this past November. It is the greatest thing that has happened to my trading. You and Butch are great teachers. The first thing that surprised me was that you would spend so much time actually in the
room. I assumed that with your schedule, that would be impossible.

I like the way Butch conducts the room; and then the way you come in and talk about all the different markets and hands on techniques you personally use. The reason I joined the room was because of all the knowledge you and Butch impart on us every day.

I have a hectic personal and business schedule for the next few months, so I have not joined TTU yet. I hope to start it this summer.As an aside, a funny story about how I heard about you: I do a little ministry work for our church. Every month a visit a guy in one of the "white collar" federal prisons in the Dallas area. He told me about your books.

There are 3 or 4 inmates that are bankers and brokers. They have your books. Someone sends them 5 & 15 Minute candlesticks for the Mini Dow everyday. They have flash cards on all the candlestick formations in your book. At
night they all get together and do mock trading based upon the formations.

Thanks again for the great room and hope you will continue to bless us with your presence. Jerry O.

2/6/09 - Hi John -- As a newbie to the Trading Triggers University and Trading Room -- this was my first week as a regular student and I'm just getting started on the education material -- I have to say I think all of you do a fantastic job and I appreciate the effort each of you put into our daily education and guidance. I also think the collaboration between you and Butch in the room is first class -- I'm a believer that hearing more than one person go through their thinking and analysis is a real advantage. I first became interested in your approach and methodology through your chats at thinkorswim. I've been a long time Investools student and after doing my due diligence decided this program was the right place to continue my education, to continue to hone my trading skills. I'm also a currency trader (I do the FX spot market and the trading room is my first real exposure to the futures approach) and I really appreciated your analysis and guidance on the EUR today (and the JPY and GBP earlier in the week). I'm very much looking forward to the coming year with the university and continued input from you and Butch. Bill A.- MA
2/6/09 - John, Thanks for all the time you have been spending with us in the TTU trade room.I have been a student for about a month and cannot believe how much my confidence has increased. Before TTU, I was just guessing. NOw I have a plan! The tricks you've learned and share with us are much appreciated! Have a great weekend! Todd

2/6/09 - John,  I can't tell you how much I have loved you being in the room more.  It's opened up a whole new world for me.  You are helping me so much to see a bigger world than my day trading.  I can't tell you how important that is for me.  I'm finally giving up on all those Brokers out there that have lost so much money for me (and I got to pay them for it, as well).  The Merrill Lynches of the world...  I have finally fired them all... 

Your involvement in the room has given me the confidence to open some other accounts (MFGlobal, Interactive Brokers, doing some options at TOS) for my other portfolios.  I can't tell you what a huge step this is for me.  I have agonized for years over not being comfortable with my Broker(s), but always afraid they knew more than I.

I told Butch today, your increased involvement in the room has enhanced the feeling of "family" for me.  I feel like you've got my back and are looking out for me.  I mean it...  You've changed my thinking in so many ways and it truly feels like I have a partner helping me with my future.  Please continue to help us in the room when you have the time.  You're a good man, John.  I need you there...  And, I appreciate you more than you know...

I just wanted you to know these things...  Take care, John and have a wonderful weekend...Tyra

2/6/09 - John, First, I feel very privileged to be a part of your family. I have studied futures via DTI in the past and always felt something was missing. You have filled the gap or emptied the bucket and refilled it. I have learned more in 2 weeks being with you and Butch then tn months at DTI. You are truly a master and I look forward to a long relationship.

I wish I could sit right next to you and listen to you all day. I am awed by your insightful position trades and only wish you were around more. Thanks again and I wish I could do something for you and Butch to repay your hospitality and gifts. Darin N.

PS/ You also did very well with your son. He is an absolute pleasure to speak with and did not rush me off the phone at all eventhough I know he was busy. Please forward to Butch...

2/6/09 - John, Thank you for every minute you share of your time and wisdom in the room, I know my account will row to take advantage of more and more of what you choose to share. Thank you again and again!!! Regards, Jim

2/6/09 - John, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for offering your trading methodology to us newbies.  I learned more in my "free week" of the virtual classroom than any trader training I've ever paid for, well, with the one exception being your Advanced Traders course.  I heard you talk about Person's Pivots once on TOS, and really enjoyed using them until I noticed how much they "bounce" around intra-day, but I know that issue is on their end.  But that's not a problem since now I have the newsletter and pivots that I can plot myself, and then my candles don't get all squishy.  I didn't even know you taught your stuff at the time of your TOS chat, until you gave us the free webinar via CyberTradingUniversity about a month ago.   I'm lucky that you took the time to give us that free presentation.

I couldn't believe that you yourself actually appeared in the Virtual Trading Room!  What a treat!  While I'm not quite yet ready to do some of those trades you talk about, the information is so informative.  It sure has me bringing up charts I never even knew existed, and began to ponder the risk / reward ratio on those ideas!  I'd never even thought to trade live cattle, and know I'll certainly have to research the ins and outs so I never get a bunch of cows here in Northern Virginia, but to actually have you in the room teaching us yourself is a huge benefit, completely exceeding what I thought I'd ever get from being a TTU student. It's so nice to  hear from the master traders themselves.  Don't get me wrong, Butch is awesome, but with the two of  you it's like gold at the end of the rainbow ( and I even know now's not the time to be buying gold).

Now I know that trading might not be for everybody, or even for me, but I am finally happy that I actually paid for a course that is giving me what I wanted.  I am a technical guy, who works in the Information Security field, and seeing you show us your trading methods in action is completely awesome.  I've also been very impressed with all the Persons and Headdings customer support.  All my emails get answered quickly!  It was also very nice talking to John P. Person.  Talking to him helped me understand why becoming a student of TTU was what I wanted to do.  I was concerned that it might be just a repeat of the cd's I already purchased, but obviously that's not the case at all.  Just like John P. told me, it's everything from A-Z, and I haven't even received the manual yet!  John P. also helped me understand that I don't need to run out and go buying trade navigator and the PPI sentiment indicator just yet, that instead I should just take part in the room and hopefully BUILD my trading account up, so that later I could go on to bigger and better things.

So just to sum up, I sure wish I'd been a TTU student before way back when putting condors on the GOOG and getting bird poop all over myself, but that was then and this is now.  Thanks so much for  giving great, understandable training available to us "little" guys, making the virtual room available to us so we could reinforce the teaching, and thanks so much for appearing in the room yourself, sharing your thoughts and ideas straight from the horse's mouth! Sincerely, Tim P.

2/6/09 - John
Just wanted to express gratitude to you for your desire to help the little guys. If it wasent for you and your great service I would have given up on my 20+ years of trying to learn and understand the markets. I found you just in the nick of time. And what a difference it has made in my life. My lifes dreams will now be met and they are not small dreams. Thanks for all you have done and will do. Loren M.
Just wanted to thank you two for everything. John class was excellent. I learned a lot of stuff that will improve my trading immediately. I seen you at some of the free trader's expos and one paid class during the expo, but the past two days were really enlightening. Joel A.

2/6/09 Hi - John, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your being in the room this week and sharing with us your insights. Your suggestions on the position trades were what I was looking for and I made money on the Live Cattle, Yen, and Euro (on sim).

I didn’t mind one bit your showing us your charts and sharing your expertise anytime during the day. I am so lucky to have joined this University.  Please come back more often as it has helped me tremendously! Butch is also FANTASTIC!!! I have been in several rooms and he is the BEST for day trades!  I have learned so much from him and from your course.........Warm Regards and Best Wishes, Susan C.

11/13/08 - thanks for the consideration it is very helpful to be able to watch the recorded link especially with the time difference here in australia regards     Rex
11/11/08 - Thank you Mr. Person and all for presenting that great webinar. About a year ago purchased the Workbook CD set on trading Forex etc. I do not trade Forex but utilize the concepts on ETS and hope to trade
futures at some point.
11/13/08 - Thank You, great presentation this evening. you went over a lot of material.. To trade successfully one needs the tools to do so...Al A.

I also want to personally thank John Person for teaching me the basic skills I needed to really understand what I'm doing finally.  Applying his teaching to this method's workings has allowed me to start successfully at least.  I love you John ... and of course that sweet lady Mary, you call your wife too.  She has been a giant help to everybody she deals with. As they say on Yahoo .. YAHOO !! Thanks for showing me something that works David C.

John, I really enjoyed your session today with TOS. Thank you Bruce.
Excellent TOS discussion on 5/28 - Thanks. Richard A.
6/9/08- This is a message for John Person. I just want to thank John for his insight on the pivot points. I am a retail trader and trading for 4 years in October. I am semi retired engineer of 51 years of age. My Trading is incredible when combining stock, options and person pivot points and candlestick patterns. I just cant say enough about it. This really is giving me an advantage in trading no other people have unless they use Persons pivots. I'm not disclosing my portfolio performance as I don't think most people would believe it. All the best Ed F.
YourMessage:4/16/08- I caught your webinar with Steve Nison last night. I was very happy to attend. Your instruction was awesome. I picked off 108 pts. on the Mini-dow this morning at 0530 on a great HCD trade signal. Thanks so much. Jerry
4/5/08 - Hi John, Thanks a lot for your presentation in Paris. It was brilliant, and the only thing I regret is that I didn't learn about your techniques earlier. Karel D.

4/4/08 -Dear Mrs Person, I‘m very glad to have been attended to John Person’s seminar. It has changed and given me a more confidence in my trading way. I have immediately ordered the course CD   and books from your web site and Amazon ! For the PDF, would you mind to send me the PDF with colored pictures as promised by John ? Thank you so much ! Huy

3/28/08 - I can say without any hesitation that your seminar is the best I've ever attended.
I have voted for you because you are simply the best !! I really appreciate and like your teaching style: energized and fun to follow. Your trading techniques are simple to understand and very powerful after testing at home.
I have immediately ordered your courses and books at your web site in order to learn more dephtly your trading methods.

I thank God having given me the opportunity to meet you at Paris. Thank you again for sharing your great knowledge with us. Luxembourg H.
2/25/08- I read your book "Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading Triggers" and I like it very much. For me you are the best author of market !. .. Claudio P.
2-22-08-I have Forex Conquered (the book - excellent!)..... Regards, Robert H,
11/21/07 - John And Mary, Another great job at the Vegas show, as usual, see you at the next show. Carl C.
Hi John, I registered for trial plug in with Genesis and its like cheating!!! I opened a paper account with 3k in it on Monday and made a 700 dollar profit by Thurs. using your forex triggers. I have read both your books and have taken your training course + don't know if I can afford your monthly fee for the plug in at this time, but I can't get over how well it works.
Hi John, I was at your California seminar earlier this April and would just like to give you a quick update and thanks! ( I was the 23 year old guy if that rings a bell)....Trading is going pretty well it has been my best month yet I believe. Thanks for your market experience and insight!! All the best, Brent
Hi Mary and John, Thank you very much for the pdf on Affirmations. It is much appreciated and very helpful. The seminar was great and I've set up the Person system in a TradeStation Desktop. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again for Las Vegas. Wishing you both Happy Holidays! Best, Murray
11/24/07THANK YOU !!!!!! Mark W.
10/25/07 - Good afternoon, I am a big fan of John. I have read your book “Forex Conquered”. It is the best Forex and overall investment book I have ever read. Tom A.
10/4/07 - Thank you for writing a great book. Candlestick & Pivot Point Trading Triggers. George P.
10/9/07 - Hi John, I appreciate the videos very much. I'm very impressed with the knowledge given. I may be able to catch John in Vegas next month. Grace and Blessings in abundance, Daniel
9/5/07 - Hi Casey, I read down quickly than ran into the LCD (Low close Doji) and said, “Whoa, this is Person’s stuff.” Then I ran over the whole thing and saw that you were giving us the opportunity to meet John Person. I laughed at myself. That is what speed reading do to a person. Thanks for the article!. Marty L.
8/10/07 - Howdy: Well I just finished the second book of yours; Forex Conquered. I loved it just as much as the Pivot Point, Candlesticks and Trading Triggers. I have been playing in this market for 3 years now and never knew that a real system existed that was so realiable and clear. I plan to attend your Seminar in November. I hope it is more like a workshop. I have a strong background in Investment Banking and am very impressed with your performance and achievements. I look forward to a more profitable trading experience and one with a lot less stress! All my best!
Blessings, Beryl K.

Hello Mary, How are you? Hope things are very well! Please know that the pics of Alexander and John's book was not staged. He had been playing with his toys and I was sitting near him reading John's book. I got up to answer the phone, came back and he had grabbed the book and was flipping through it, studying very interentice!. It was such a sight, i grabbed the camera and took a couple of pics. Warmly, --mona -Our Younguest Apprentice!

Baby Apprentice open the book
First - Buy the Book...
Babey Aprentice! interested in the book???
Second - Study, Study, Study
Baby Aprentice..
Third - A baby futures trader??

6/18/07 I had the privilege to follow your seminar in Milano in March. It was so great that I immediately ordered your book on Forex, by far the best book on the subject. I think I was one of the very first readers to receive it here in Europe. Thank you for the edge it's giving me., Michael B

John,.... Thanks, having good success with the triggers since attending your seminar. Thanks for sharing of yourself and your knowledge. Virgil S
6/11/07 - Mary, Thanks for your speedy and courteous response. I stand by my original comments that your organization is first class and I would recommend you to any trader that is interested in learning how to trade consistently and successfully. What I learned from the trading room and working with the tools that John created has made a very positive change in my trading results. Tim M.
Hi John, Friday the 13th or not you conducted a excellent seminar (closely approaching fabulous!). Any time someone can take the time to give back and help others accomplish that which he or she has learned and profited from it's not only rare, but very admirable, so thank you!! I appreciate and thank you for your patience as I believe that's something we all struggle with from time to time. I wish I would have found you before I spent untold thousands on books, courses, tapes, and other bullshit some of which is not worth the paper it's printed on. The dues one pays I guess? Thank Mary for all she did at the seminar. I was told that behind every great man there's a good women supporting him and encouraging him, I know it's true in my life and it appears to be true in yours as well. All the Best to you and Mary,
Sincerely, J. McCallum
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2007 12:09 PM Subject: Re: John Person John, I have just completed the instructional videos and they were very helpful. they are very well done. Yesterday Mary had my data feed turned on and today in the yen I have made over 3000.00 dollars. To say the least i'm excited. Thank you Clarence M.
Dear Mr. Person, I've been a retail commodity broker for 10 years now, this absolutely is the best book I've ever read on trading. I am on my third read of this book. I need to attend your seminar so I can learn more! When is the next one and do you plan to come to Chicago this year? Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!! Blake R.
Dear John, After recently reading your book ?Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading Triggers? and applying your method to trading the Dutch stock index future contract (AEX ?Future ? FTI ) I?m pleased to inform you, that it works here too! Regards, Peter S.
(Testimonial from Mexico)
John: Este mensaje lo voy a escribir en Español, tengo el curso de Trading Triggers y el de Forex Conquered....a partir de que empecé a estudiar estos cursos mi trading ha evolucionado impresionantemente, ya tengo record ganador.
No solo puedo hablar de uno, dos, tres trades en especial, sabemos que
esto no funciona así, sino que en términos generales mis resultados son
exelentes y sobre todo y lo más importente son constantes.
Lo que enseñas engloba todos los elementos del Trading que son:
1.- Identificar quién controla el mercado, si osos o toros.
2.- Señal de entrada
3.- Señal de Salida
4.- Money Manegment
5.- Control Emocional
Recomiendo mucho las técnicas que enseña John Person, encontrarán el
verdadero sentido de lo que es el Trading. Muchas Felicidades John, y muchas gracias por compartir tus conocimientos acerca de cómo operar los mercados financieros. FELICIDADES
Guillermo F (Memo_Trader) México

Hi John, I've recently purchased your "Trading Triggers...The Secrets To Profitable Trading"... (October 10 2006) ....So far, I find your course very helpful and after following Steve Nison's course on candlesticks, not once during the two years has he made mention of anything remotely close to the "Failed Doji Top"...though I've learned quite a bit from Mr Nison and others such as Toni Turner, Tony Oz, Ken Calhoun and others, I really feel that your course has had the most value in terms of real time applications, accuracy, and in a nutshell, general formulas and theories that work. Just to inform you, your office and especially Justin, have been very professional and it is also the best online shopping experience I've encountered to date. Thank you very much. Sincerely, V. C.

John:I have been trading stocks and options for years. I really never had much success trading options. Though I had sizable wins in the equities market during the bull run , I would end up giving a good portion of the profits back on market reversal. Frustrated with the equities and the options market, I started trading the emini S&P. Though I took many courses, bought a bunch of fancy software, subscribed a host of expensive news letter, and attended a bunch of high price trading rooms, none made me a profitable trader. Call me slow, but I knew deep down inside that I had to sift through most of the noise out there in order to find the right fit that would provide me the tools and the confidence to unfold the subtleties of the market. Well that was your course John. 

I attended an introductory lecture at the Wealth Expo in Anaheim back in March of 2006. Though I listened to you with caution, I could not wait to get in front of my monitor to put your trading set ups to test. The very next day, I traded the signals, and sure enough they worked. I took that profit and rushed to your booth and paid for your course immediately.

I have been out of the course for two weeks. I have not had a losing day. I now trade a 100% better, I trade with less fear, with more confidence and stay on profit course rather than getting out prematurely. I don't? over trade. I stopped foolish trading and wishful thinking on losing trades. I accept small losses [ I have not had yet] as part of the process and wait patiently for good trades. I can't? thank you enough. You made a huge difference in my life. S. S.
Newport Coast ? California

Hello John, I am a subscriber to your Live trading Room hosted by Butch Heading and have been trading the E-min S&P's for the last 5 years, 2 years professionally.
I have been successful as a trader using Pivots and a Momentum signal
approach, however since I have been applying your methods of reading candle sticks as well as your Genesis based moving average software my trading has reached the next level. I am finding that I am much more consistent since joining the room and have averaged wins of 58% versus 42% draw downs. Of interest is when I apply your 15 min methods exclusively I have found much greater success running 68% wins versus 32% draw downs - furthermore, since 5-16 with the expanded ranges, I have been running 80% wins vs 20% draw downs utilizing your 15 min methods. I give a Golf Clap to Butch as he is a great asset to your organization and has taught me an enormous amount - In fact I didn't know how I was successful without your methods! Again many thanks for your assistance and looking forward to a profitable relationship. Best regards C. S., CPA
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