Attention Fellow Investors...

"The Weekend Event You Definitely WANT to Attend This Year... Discover How To Invest Your Way To Wealth In THIS Economy!"

If you are looking for a sure-fire way to Increase Your Investment Wealth in 2013 then this may be the most important letter you'll read this year...

You requested it so we're doing it again - Two Days, LIVE TRAINING in Las Vegas!

Join us for two days of LIVE coaching, trading and personal help April 28 and 29th, 2013.

Join us the last weekend in April in Las Vegas to design your plan and find out exactly how to take control of your investments and plan for what's ahead.

Become an "Options Oracle!"

Discuss, in detail... the "Eight Path's To Options Oracle" with me, John Person, and Mr. Dan Passarelli, founder and CEO of Market Taker Mentoring, Inc. for two information and hands on trading, action packed days.

April is only a few months away and it's more critical than ever to set a very clear, specific, path for your options trading and get a handle on how to trade in our current economic climate... let us help you.

During our time together you'll discover what we believe is the absolute best options trading system on the planet and you'll discover, in detail, proven methods to grow your profits and expand your wealth the right way in 2013 and beyond.

You'll get access to me, John Person, and Mr. Dan Passarelli personally and discover world class trading techniques, vehicles, methods and tools to help you become a master trader.

Throughout the year I spend most of my time as a speaker and trainer for many of the worlds top professional organizations such as the IFTA, ATAA and the MTA, as well as some of the countries top national investment conferences.

In April however, I want to get to know you and help you with your business. Join me, for this two day event and I'll....

  • Show you, in detail, my methods and technical tactics for developing a state of the art trading system...
  • Share with you the specific rules that enable you to build your own scanning criteria’s in order to select high probability trades.
  • Give you a very specific method for trading high performance set-ups covering Stocks, ETF’s, futures, including Emini S&P’s and foreign currencies.
  • Help you understand, in detail, how to apply my unique technical analysis techniques for swing and position trading... And, review with you how these valuable methods also apply for day trading.
  • Give you your own copy of a sector calendar map that pinpoints which stock market sectors as well as commodities are at their prime buying and selling time periods (an invaluable resource!). *This information helps you plan your trades days, weeks and months in advance and be better prepared to execute those trading plans.
  • Share my unique and specific time frame analysis that gives you the ability to quickly identify appropriate risk and reward objectives, keeping your trades well within your planned criteria. *This is critical and gives you the edge, especially as this very specific time fram analysis is applied, once a scan generates a buy or sell signal.

During our two days together, you will gain a trading methodology that covers all of the above and the following eight top subject matters in full detail.

  1. Seasonal Stock & Sector Analysis.
  2. Learning the best Indicators Stocks, Futures and Forex.
  3. Persons Pivots and the PPS indicator: a complete overview of how they work.
  4. Using the Commitment of Traders Report in today’s global market place the right way.
  5. Accurately applying Market Breadth Indicators.
  6. A complete overview of developing a moving average trading system.
  7. Volume & Open Interest: when to best use these tools for confirmation.
  8. Knowing which indicators to use and which indicators not to use for setting up scanning filters.

Armed with this information you are able to select options strategies that put trading capital to best use and explode your results moving forward.

This April, we'll spend two full days together and you can get your questions answered by both me and Mr. Dan Passarelli... discover what the future has in store for options trading and find out how to position yourself for growth in 2013 and beyond.

And, Dan is going to Enhance your path to "Becoming an Options Oracle!" mastery training by sharing with you his incredible insights and strategies which perfectly compliment what I'll be covering with you.

Dan is going to share with you...

  • His highly proclaimed "Market Taker Trading Path" (His step-by step methodology for trading any and all option trades.)!
  • How to use volatility to get edge on option trades, a hugely valuable approach to help you actually leverage volatility to your advantage!
  • How to Select superior option trades for specific market situations... in other words, if you are using one of John's set ups, Dan can state the best way to trade it for max reward, min risk, best probability.)
  • How to trade income trades in sideways markets (*In other words, "What do you do if you use one of John's indicators and you find there is no trend/directional play? Trade an income trade! Includes setting strike prices.)
  • Everything you want to know about Directional Butterflies...
  • How to understand and properly leverage Directional Time Spreads...
  • *Critical Overview: Adjusting losing option trades.

... And much more.

Plus, this isn't a "sit and listen" event, you have access to both me and Dan during our two days together to get your own questions answered and to help you personally put your own options trading plan together. Think of this as a workshop not only an incredible opportunity and learning event.

Discover, in detail, what this chart below means -- how it can help you protect, profit and grow your portfolio and why this highly acclaimed tool is so important for your investing.

John Person's indicators

And, finally, let us share with you how to...

  • Easily put together a trading plan that delivers you amazingly consistent results
  • Effectively make your trades MUCH smarter
  • Confidently trade with less risk than ever before
  • Clearly recognize and understand the key patterns that get you immediate results
  • Easily use the Pivot Point System method (PPS) and why this is so critical
  • Competantly implement an intelligent moving average system
  • Plus, our personal time helping you, one-on-one over the course of our two days.

    After our weekend together you'll have more confidence, be more competent and gain more consistent results from the powerful, proven, methods, tactics and strategies you'll discover, than any other single event you've attended before.

    Plus, we'll show you exactly how to mitigate your risk as well as manage your rewards.

    Come join us for two information packed days.

    Let's talk about your business and how you can move it forward, take it to the next level.

    Discover how to use Pivot Points and advanced candlestick charts to to help you identify TRUE market conditions.

    Uncover why market sentiment and emotion... the perceived CURRENT VALUE of any market is not nearly as important as understanding what a market might do -- and find out how you can leverage this information to move far ahead of the uninformed crowd.

    How do markets really function?

    Know this and you can move your business forward much faster and further.

    In fact, understanding how markets truly function allows you to act much more swiftly and execute or trigger into a trade or position much more effectively.

    The secrets and unique techniques I share with you are what many of the top companies in the world pay me to share with them privately.

    I've designed these techniques over more than three decades in this industry... a weekend with me can be the difference between you getting average results or finally getting your business performing on a professional level with you trading like a superstar... a weekend with both me and Dan Passarelli together is even more incredible for you.

    Your Most Important Trading Decision This Year...

    Reserve your seat now to join Dan Passarelli, me (John Person) and other investors like yourself who are looking to make 2013 the best year ever.

    If you've never been to one of our training weekends before, you're in for a very special weekend. If you have... you've probably already reserved your seat and I look forward to seeing you on April.

    Be one of the first 25 to enroll from this e-mail and get HUGE Returns!

    After March 1st the investment will be $1,299.
    (This is the event only.)

    However, how would you like to get:

    • Two days of breakfast, lunch, and beverages (valued at $75.00 per day)
    • Free internet for all attendees (valued at $14.99 a day)
    • 2-days of cutting edge training, Q&A and help with me, John Person and Dan Passarelli (priceless!)
    • You will be provided a workbook and copy of the material presented during the event for you to review, take notes and carry home with you (priceless!).
    • 30-Days of Daily Market taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching Class for FREE ($332 Value)
    • A 60-day subscription to my newsletter for FREE (valued at $249!) to help you on your new path to success.

    For more than 30% less than everyone else will invest after March 1st?

    For the first 25 people to enroll from this e-mail by midnight of February 17, 2013, Eastern Standard Time, you'll get all of the above for only $1,299.00 $645 - everything above!

    That's a significant savings and an incredible value.


    *NOTE: If you want to save even more... share accommodations with a friend or companion and you can register both of you for one special rate of only $795 - total!

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    Aria Resort and Casino Las Vegas
    3730 Las Vegas Blvd South
    Las Vegas, NV 89158

    For Hotel Reservations >>CLICK HERE<<

    Sunday, April 28th, 2013
    Registration: 8:30AM - 9:00AM
    9:00AM - 4:30PM - Intensive Teaching
    *Breakfast included

    Monday, April 29th, 2013
    6:30 am - 3:00pm - Live Trading / Teaching
    *Breakfast included

    Register to participate NOW...

    This High Powered LIVE TRAINING EVENT will fill up quickly and we have limited space...

    What other additional benefits will you receive?

    • Understand, in detail, critical patterns and strategies
    • Discover a full detailed explanation on how my own PPS pattern work
    • Gain clear insights regarding the influence that Market Makers have on price movements
    • Discover how important using the best, most critical tools to analyze the markets is to your success
    • Find out what the absolute best tools for you are... and why.
    • Sharpen your trading skills and uncover a powerful, proven trading method that you can begin using immediately.

    Ask yourself... "How many times do I find myself trading in circles... having a string of good days, only to be followed by the blowout trades that bring me right back to where I started from?!"

    If you've experienced this, read on....

    Successful trading is all about diligence, hard work, having a winning attitude AND having the critical tools necessary to make your life easier and your business more profitable... plus possessing the knowledge of how to use these tools correctly.

    You'll know how to trade based on the right information from PREDEFINED TRADING SIGNALS based on a sound TRADING PLAN.

    We'll help you develop the confidence to execute when a trading opportunity presents itself.

    You'll understand the value of trading on a rule based system and how this can help you overcome any challenge as long as you are trading based on a Signal or Trigger.

    Find out why you NEVER want to take action ANTICIPATING the signal and why this can be so detrimental to your business...

    Discover how to properly use the Person's Pivot Indicator for...

    • KNOWING when a TRUE change in market direction is in effect.
    • Understanding how to proceed when you are alerted to a change in market direction by the PPI
    • Seeing what the PPI's true purpose is and how you can gain HUGE advantages and benefits from using this proven, powerful system.

    Discover how the Person's Pivot Indicator (PPI) helps you filter out which pivot point support and resistance number to use, AND also gives you advanced warnings about the next time period's market condition, based on the current close.

    Imagine using that information to take trades that are within the predicted market condition and picture how powerful this can be to your profits!

    This is just one of the topics we'll cover together to help you have the most positive year ever in 2013.

    You are in for an exciting training event!

    Be one of the first 25 individuals (actually, there are fewer than 15 remaining for this special offer right now) to enroll to participate in this two day weekend event in April (you have plenty of time to arrange schedules and plan when you enroll today!).

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    Your investment is only $1,299.00 $645.00 and you get:

    • Two days of breakfast and beverages (valued at $50.00 per day)
    • Free internet for all attendees (valued at $14.99 a day)
    • 2-days of cutting edge training, Q&A and help with me, John Person (priceless!)
    • You are provided a workbook and copy of the material presented during the event for you to review, take notes and carry home with you (priceless!).
    • 30-Days of Daily Market taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching Class for FREE ($332 Value)
    • A 60-day subscription to my newsletter for FREE (valued at $249!) to help you on your new path to success.

    This Special Offer ends February 17, 2013

    *NOTE: If you want to save even more... share accommodations with a friend or companion and you can register both of you for one special rate of only $795 - total! To participate with a partner CLICK HERE NOW and save an additional $500!

    On March 1st, the price will be $1,299 for the seminar (No additional items included.)

    Warmest Regards,

    John Person III

    John Person
    President, John Person Inc.


    What do you need to bring to the event?

    You can bring your laptop, the room is equipment with internet and a comfortable environment so that you can take your notes and watch the market from the comfort of your own computer.

    Special Offer ends March 1, 2013!


    Discounted Air Travel!

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    Your Hotel:

    As a guess of John Person's event, a special hotel rate was issue for our group. You can make the reservations directily by selecting the following link: >>Click Here for Reservations Now<< .

    The location of the hotel and event is exceptional, in the center of Las Vegas strip and next to CityCenter shopping area - As you explore the treasures of ARIA, pause and make note of the unprecedented public art collection sprinkled throughout the property. Featuring commissioned works by artists such as Maya Lin and Jenny Holzer, as well as existing pieces by Henry Moore, Claes Oldenburg and more, ARIA offers you a world of captivating pieces around every corner.

    The restaurants at ARIA are more than award-winning culinary destinations. They're also a collection of carefully selected decor and ingredients so naturally placed they often go unnoticed at first. But when you learn each one's story, you'll never be able to take your eyes off of them.

    The Airport is within 15 minutes of the hotel.

    If you need assistance or have a special request, please contact our office and we'll help you: 561-655-1881.